Surface 604 Shred Review

To run the gatherings, have the site, and travel, I charge a widespread help expense for my audits. This inside and out survey was supported by Surface 604 Bikes. I will probably be straightforward and impartial with you, this video and writeup are not intended to be an underwriting of Surface 604 items. I respect your redresses, increments, and criticism in the remark area underneath and the Surface 604 electric bicycle discussions.


The cost expanded from $1,890 to $2,099 for the most recent form of the Surface 604 Shred. The paint configuration was refreshed with new decals and the directing cylinder got slimmer while the top cylinder got progressively rakish in structure. The top cylinder has been brought down more to make the bicycle simpler to approach and remain over and they've moved to an unbending stem with soak 45° plot for a progressively upstanding body position

The torque sensor was migrated from the base section to the back wheel, which performed similarly as great if worse than previously, and they included wiring for a discretionary back light to be controlled by the primary battery versus being autonomous

Surface 604 offers a lot of extraordinary add-on adornments that are discretionary and add to the value including custom fitted bumpers, a back rack with pannier holders just as braces to help a trunk pack, and a discretionary suspension seat post with shim (adjusts 30.4mm to 27.2mm)


Given the $2.1k value point, Surface 604 hasn't held back on quality or toughness to an extreme, the headset and base section still use fixed orientation that won't rust or stream as effectively, they picked incredible pedals, a strong drivetrain with wide 11-34 tooth tape, and Velo marked bolting holds

Given the higher potential top speed and heavier form of this ebike (particularly with suspension seat post and back rack alternatives) the 180mm water driven plate brakes with long four-finger switches and engine inhibitors are impeccable

I like that Surface 604 is offering two battery size choices for this bicycle, you can spend more cash to broaden run on the off chance that you like riding quicker or plan on conveying heavier burdens, the two packs are situated low and focus on the edge for adjust and look entirely great

It's uncommon to see an incorporated front lamp on crosscountry/trail off-road bicycle this way, however I like the light that they picked in light of the fact that it's splendid and feels strong, it could prove to be useful in the event that you include a back rack and utilize the bicycle around town during the week (I love that the casing has back rack supervisors and that they pre-wired it for a discretionary back light)

The suspension fork on this ebike looks great and has some fair movability (lockout and preload), yet gauges more since it utilizes springs versus air and has steel stanchions versus anodized amalgam

I love that Surface 604 chose to incorporate a kickstand on this e-bicycle! This will prove to be useful for the individuals who like to ride around the city or simply need a simpler method to stand the bicycle up in their carport or loft… it's anything but difficult to expel the represent rough terrain use to decrease bob and jitter, they situated it at the back of the edge so you won't get pedal lock

I like that the battery can be charged on or off the casing and has a full estimated USB charging port incorporated with the correct side (which can be utilized whether the pack is mounted to the edge or not), there's a second USB port on the correct side of the presentation board that is ideal for use with a cell phone or auxiliary front lamp

The Shred is one of a kind in that it can arrive at higher top paces of ~28 mph (45 km/h) and has a trigger throttle, these are highlights not ordinarily found on trail and off-road bicycles however they may confine where it very well may be utilized lawfully in light of the fact that it's a Class 3 versus Class 1 in this setup. You can modify the top speed in the presentation settings and expel the trigger throttle effectively with the brisk discharge connector on the off chance that you need to ride as Class 1

I'm happy that Surface 604 decided to utilize a trigger throttle here versus half-grasp bend throttle, on the grounds that those can be incidentally initiated a lot simpler when riding on rough territory, triggers appear to be more secure for rough terrain use since they don't bargain your hold and avoid the way

The torque and rhythm detecting back dropout equipment worked very well during my test rides, I never felt like there was a deferral or that I needed to buckle down (which can at times be the situation with unadulterated torque-just sensors)

Minor star here, I like the huge, tough, grippy Wellgo aluminum compound stage pedals that Surface 604 picked, they coordinate the hues and structure, and give a steady surface to ride from contrasted with plastic or combination confines

Surface 604 items can be found at vendors in Canada and the USA, yet they likewise sell direct on the web and offer free delivering, there will at present be some arrangement included however in any event it doesn't cost a ton extra

The two wheels are worked with thicker spokes and 36 opening versus 32 opening to include quality for the higher paces, rough terrain use, and discretionary back rack. I like that the spokes and edges are dark versus silver however would have enjoyed dark areolas too

The center point engine performs discreetly, I could scarcely hear it enacting in the casing shots from the video survey over, some contending center engines produce a lot stronger zipping sounds, particularly under full power

The new shading showcase is great! It's thin however simple to peruse, it has battery rate readout versus infographic 5-bars like numerous others, the control cushion has devoted catches for lights and data, it even darken the showcase when you turn the front lamp on… it's one of my preferred shows out there the present moment

Not at all like the earlier year form of the bicycle, the trigger throttle presently supersedes all degrees of help (counting 0) with full power, so you can flash up slopes or make up for lost time to companions without clicking any additional catches, incredible employment on that!


The SRAM X5 drivetrain is truly smart however the trigger shifter for high apparatuses is single direction versus two route and there's not grasp framework like Shimano offers on a portion of their derailleurs

The front light will ricochet more on uneven landscape since it's mounted to the fork curve versus the head cylinder or handlebar, it feels strong enough and I like the bar design (it causes you really observe territory versus simply being seen)

Minor thought, in spite of the bigger 27.5″ x 2.8″ hefty measured tires, the center point separating isn't support and the axles are increasingly conventional 9mm front and 11mm back versus through axles at 15 mm front and 12 mm back which would give more solidness and quality

Tipping the scales at ~57.3 lbs (for the 19″ edge with the littler 10.4 amp hour battery), this ebike is somewhat overwhelming for a hardtail and I feel that returns to the spring fork, hefty estimated tires, and all the more dominant center point engine

The earlier year rendition of this ebike had a movable edge stem that was really decent! I surmise they dropped that part to help set aside cash and in light of the fact that the vast majority put it in the high 45-degree position in any case, I think regardless they sell that part independently for individuals who like movability

Since the battery pack is situated so low on the downtube, the charging port is situated in the way of the left wrench arm, and accordingly, in case you're charging the pack on the bicycle, the fitting and wire could get caught or bowed all the more effectively

The demo model I checked on didn't have a slap protect. I'd most likely include a fundamental sticker slap monitor and some link sticker protects like this fair to keep it looking delightful, however the group revealed to me that future models ought to have this included so perhaps it's a non-issue? I was additionally informed that future models would have bottle confine supervisors along the base of the downtube and a low-ascent handlebar versus straight

There's a smidgen of swarming at the correct back dropout on the grounds that the shifter link and engine control link both associate here, do whatever it takes not to give these links a chance to get caught or twisted (like if the bicycle spills), there's no derailleur watch or other assurance equipment set up however you could include one reseller's exchange for under $10 in the event that you needed, I was informed that future variants of the bicycle ought to have a derailleur protect included

The presentation appears to be extreme and is anything but difficult to peruse in light of the fact that it swivels a piece, you can associate with it effectively because of the free catch cushion (mounted close to one side grasp) however you can only with significant effort expel the showcase… so it could take sun and downpour harm after some time or get scratched at a bicycle rack

The control cushion is mounted behind the trigger throttle on the left, and I found that it required more adaptability and exertion to reach in this arrangement, you could generally change the request, however then the throttle would be dubious to reach, you could likewise attempt to put the throttle on the correct segment of the handlebar yet then it will meddle with the trigger shifters, possibly a future throttle mount will be smaller so the catches can draw nearer… additionally, I want to have the throttle on the right, yet it wouldn't fit there due to the trigger shifters

There's no chain manage set up and the chainring utilizes standard teeth versus tight wide which would improve chain maintenance, however I didn't encounter any chain drops during my test rides.


A worth evaluated hardtail crosscountry style electric trail blazing bicycle with 9-speed SRAM 11-34 tooth tape, hefty measured tires, higher top speed of 28 mph, super-responsive torque + rhythm detecting base section, calm engine, and trigger throttle that abrogates help for full control

Accessible in two outline sizes for improved fit and solace, discretionary 14 amp hour battery move up to broaden go, discretionary back rack, discretionary bumpers, discretionary suspension seat post, and the bicycle is pre-wired for a discretionary back light

Great measured 180mm water powered circle brakes with engine inhibitors on the two switches, back rack managers, splendid coordinated front lamp, a customizable length kickstand, and not too bad 100mm spring suspension fork with preload and lockout change

More costly than the earlier year model, remain over stature has been brought down and the paint is refreshed, charging port on

More costly than the earlier year model, remain over stature has been brought down and the paint is refreshed, charging port on the battery pack is somewhat helpless close to one side wrench arm, no chain guide or tight wide chainring to forestall chain drops, fundamental 2-amp charger, standard pivot distances across and widths versus help center point separating and through axles

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